Distinction between Community Forum and Github Issues


Similar issues / questions / bugs are sometimes posted in the Community Forum and on Github Issues. Sometimes these issues are cross posted by the same users. This causes the usual challenges with cross posting and possibly delays response times for authors depending on where they post.

It seems we need a clearer distinction on the purpose of the Community Forum vs. the purpose of Github Issues. I looked into whether we already had a distinction but found rather contradicting guidance.

  • In the Community Forum welcome article we say that if the issue does not exist on Github, open one in the forum:

Before posting a question please consult our extensive documentation and take a look through past topics and GitHub issues. (…) Heavily code level questions tend to be better placed on Stack Overflow

  • On Github Issues I usually respond to code level questions that issues should be opened on Github, code level questions on SO, everything else in the forum:

Code level questions are better suited on Stack Overflow (…). If your question is not appropriate for the site please use our community forum.

  • When clicking on “New Issue” in Github, “Report an issue” is below “Getting Help” which points to the Community Forum, so we nudge to open an issue in the forum rather than on Github:


  • In the “Report an issue” template we ask to open issues on Github and questions (subject to interpretation) in the forum:

We use GitHub Issues for reporting bugs with parse-server. (…) If you have a question, you should join the Parse Community’s Discourse forum.


  • Define how we want to use Github Issues and the Community Forum.
  • Streamline and unify our guidance regarding where to post what.