Welcome to the Parse Community forum

Our community forum is a place to discuss all things Parse Platform, be it methods of deployment, evolution of the platform, highlighting community projects and more.

We hope you find this forum to be a useful resource to find support, help others and push forward the development of the Parse Platform.

In return we ask that you respect the fact that our team volunteer their time for the most part so may not always be quick to respond or able to help. With this in mind…

  1. If possible, please give help as well as asking for it, we are a community :handshake:.
  2. Before posting a question please consult our extensive documentation :orange_book: and take a look through past topics and GitHub issues.
  3. Heavily code level questions tend to be better placed on Stack Overflow (please use the parse-platform tag & others) :nerd_face:
  4. Please refrain from posting the same question on multiple sites (cross-posting), where necessary make sure to add references.

If you have any questions or concerns about the forum feel free to open a topic on the Site Feedback category or DM @TomWFox.

Hi, I’m Tom the Community Manager here, I’d like to welcome you to our community :wave:

I hope you enjoy using our forum! If you don’t, help us make it better! If you are new to Discourse I would encourage following the @discobot tutorial (check your messages); it will help you get up to speed in double time.

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