Initialize only once Parse

I am using Parse JS SDK un conjunction with Nextjs Framework. I don’t want to call initialize() on every request, so I need to know if there’s any method or property to check if Parse is already initialized

Hi @marcelobaez. As I did it before, you can create a file and import Parse. Then initialize and export it.
Something like this:

// lib/parse-client/index.js
const Parse = require("parse/node");

Parse.initialize(process.env.APP_ID, process.env.MASTER_KEY);
Parse.serverURL = process.env.SERVER_URL;
Parse.masterKey = process.env.MASTER_KEY;

export default Parse;

And every time you need to use Prase, just import it from this file. This way, you can make sure it’s initialized.
Let me know if you had more questions.