Monetizing recommendation for commercial 3rd party services

I stumbled upon a recommendation in the Parse Server GitHub readme and Parse Server docs where we recommend users to sign-up at Mailgun, a commercial 3rd party service:

Verifying user email addresses and enabling password reset via email requires an email adapter. As part of the parse-server package we provide an adapter for sending email through Mailgun. To use it, sign up for Mailgun, and add this to your initialization code…

However, there are also a number of other email adapters for Parse Server:

Notably also adapters who do not rely on a commercial email service, like the simple-parse-smtp-adapter.

Since @Tom already had the idea of adding ads, how about approaching Mailgun and trying to make a compensation deal for driving leads into their funnel? I guess we would need some site access stats, maybe offer them to add a hyperlink and their logo, maybe incorporate a promo code?

We would basically relaunch some form of partnership Parse already had with Mailgun back then.

We may also do this with other 3rd party services, like hosted DB provider (e.g. MongoDB) or cloud hosting (e.g. AWS).