Parse File image , actual location on server?

Hi Team,

  1. What is the actual location of parse files on the parse server on linux ?

  2. How to remove it all manually from server ?

  3. Instead of using a parse-file Can I directly store the base64 string in the table column and directly
    decode at the client-side?

  4. Bellow is the correct method for JS SDK to store files into the table?

    const newEntry = new Parse.Object(“Students_” + schoolId);
    const base64 = “base64string”
    const parseFile = new Parse.File(“student.png”, { base64: base64 });
    let newfile = await
    newEntry.set(“photo”, newfile);

We need to hold thousands of student photos in student table .

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  1. Depends on your file adapter. By default, it stores in the MongoDB database.
  2. parseFile.destroy()
  3. Yes, you can, but I’d rather use Parse Files. Storing large data in each of your User objects can reduce performance for other operations in this class.
  4. Looks good