Vote to add Manuel (mtrezza) as a committer


Manuel (mtrezza) should be added as a committer to the Server team and the Android team; giving him write access to the Parse Server repo & all Android related repos.


mtrezza has been active in the community to some extent since the inception of Parse Server. He has made 42 PRs to the org with the earliest being in 2016 and 11 made in the past two months.

Manuel has also opened 81 issues, which from what I have seen are consistently well written. He has also asked and answered many questions on Parse Platform related Stack Overflow tags.


As dictated by our governance documentation this vote will be open for 72 hours and will need consensus approval from the members of the PMC. Only votes from PMC members are binding but other members of the community are welcome to submit a vote and/or reply to this topic with any opinions for/against the proposal.

Anyone who votes against the proposal is strongly encouraged to explain their position.

  • In favour of the proposal
  • Against the proposal

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Thanks for the invitation, a great project and a pleasure to contribute.

I should mention that my expertise is stronger in Swift than in Java, as evident in my SO profile, so maybe access to the iOS SDK makes sense, but I’ll review on Android as well, if the repo is in more need than iOS.

I should also mention that since many Parse Server PRs are related to a JS SDK PR, it may make sense for a reviewer to be able to sign off on both PRs, having a comprehensive picture of the feature. Unless it’s policy to ensure 2 separate reviewers look over it.

@Manuel I’m very happy to add you to the iOS team as well if you like, we’re always looking for extra help over there!

Definitely an oversight on my part not to include access to the JS SDK Team here. As neither of these teams act as a practical escalation of privileges (given access to Parse Server being approved) I’ll add those in if this vote passes. If anyone objects to that feel free to express that here.

Alright, sounds good!