Whats the difference between EXAMPLE vs SERVER

Whats; the EXAMPLE app used for ? What is the difference between the server and EXAMPLE ?

See this thread and comment from @Manuel:

The difference between the two is that:

  • parse-server is the raw Parse Server module itself
  • parse-server-example is an application in which Parse Server is added as a sub-module, which gives you space to code around / for Parse Server

To kick-start creating your own Parse Server application we created and recommend the parse-server-example repository.

As analogy, if you eat out in a pizzeria, you likely wouldn’t go to the oven and philosophize with the pizzaiolo about the dough (although that can be good advice sometimes).

Instead you would:

  • sit at a table (parse-server-example application)
  • talk to the waiter (npm)
  • order your Pizza (already added parse-server module)
  • order side dishes (other modules you may want to add to your application)
  • enjoy the bread sticks already on the table (already added modules for code testing, code quality)
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