Wishlist / Feature Requests

Hi all,

Thanks to some reduction in my freelance hours (thx COVID), I’ve now had some time to make some meaningful contributions to Parse Server that I’d been eager to make for a long time, but could never find the time.

For the next 6 months or so, I’ll probably have 5-10 hours a week available to chip away at some new features for Parse, or assist others if need be.

I’ve expelled pretty much all the ideas and features that I needed to build for myself, so if you have any feature that you’d like built for Parse but aren’t sure how to (or don’t have the time), I’m happy to add it to my list and try give it a crack.

I’m not the most experienced Parse Server or JS dev, but the challenge is fun and I like to stay busy during these unprecedented times!

Please let me know if you have a suggestion, it would be great to power us into 2021!

All suggestions welcomed, none promised.


Hi @dblythy, any ideas about this:


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I am not a react developer, but I don’t think it would be too hard to add a wysiwyg editor to the dashboard. Combined with this FR, you could essentially strip the dashboard back for a content creator user, and only allow them to see “Posts” in the data browser.

However, like chisel CMS, I’m not sure if the best use for this is for the internal dashboard, as replying to user comments etc would create some complexity.

@dplythy thanks for your wonderful contributions!

Do you have any experience in Swift? If so, I would definitely appreciate your help on Parse-Swift. The project board is up-to-date if you are looking for problems to tackle.

Also, I see that you have made at least 1 contribution to ParseLiveQuery for iOS. As you probably know, it’s in desperate need of unit tests. A possible simple way to add these tests (I have not verified this, but I think it will be almost straight-forward) is to leverage the query tests I wrote for Pare-Swift (the ones that compare JSON output) and replace the Parse-Swift SDK query with Parse-iOS SDK query. Since the JSON output should be the same, as soon as you create the query and serialize you should be able to compare directly. This should catch the left over query bugs which I suspect there are some since ParseLiveQuery is doing it’s own encoding and not using the Parse-iOS-SDK encoder which has some complexities.

Hey @dblythy thanks for your time !

It could be a massive help to ship faster some features :fire: , In 2021, I will also have extra time to work on the parse server.

If you are interested about working on the parse-server package and dive deeply into the parse-server architecture. I started a POC and some work to support “Static Predefined Schemas” on parse-server.

The main target: Auto create and auto update Parse Schema from a JS/JSON config (fields, indexes, CLP, protected fields, etc…) and disable the schema less feature of parse server

I have here a POC that i use on many project (in production): https://github.com/Moumouls/next-atomic-gql-server

Here you can find the draft request (outdated) about the feature: https://github.com/parse-community/parse-server/pull/6379

I think it’s a key feature to propel parse and make it even easier to use !

Since it’s huge feature, i can find some time to help you and collaborate with you on this feature :slight_smile:


I do have swift experience, but I haven’t coded swift in over a year, and am not overly experienced with swift tests. But, I’m happy to give it a crack over the coming weeks and see how I go! I’ll be in touch on the iOS repos shortly.

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Ok cool, I like your goals of a JSON config for Parse Server. I will also try to chip away at this too :blush:.

That’s a good one and I strongly support this feature.

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Ok, so in summary, I will be continuing to work on closing out these core features that i’m working on:

-mobile support
-cloud code editor

Parse Server:
-Security recommendations endpoint
-File upload options


-user specific roles on dashboard (as I need this for my use case)
-test improvements for ParseLiveQuery (iOS)
-project board for live query (swift)
-static predefined schemas (Parse Server)

Awesome. İf we define schema in parse server options, that means parse will use internal schema and won’t send request to database anymore for schema? right? Which means more performance?

It could be an optimization for sure since the json can be a source of truth

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